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Law Enforcement Appreciation Day may have gone and passed on January 9, 2015, but you need to know that you’re not just appreciated on one day of the year. As Law Enforcement Officials you put your lives on the line each and everyday. You chose this as your career, no one forced you, this is a selfless act, a courageous deed, and a honorable act. These attributes are┬ádefined as a hero or heroine. You’re appreciated EVERYDAY even if that does not appear to be the case (example: MEDIA). The truth is without you brave men and women our villages, towns, and cities would be in utter chaos. So, thank you for your heroic deeds, they do not go unnoticed. Just remember, when you’re on duty, we at Fidelity Blue Line Mortgage are on duty for you 365 days a year, 24/7 days a week!

As of December 10, 2014 we would like to welcome Oklahoma to our Fidelity family. We are proud to have the chance to serve this fine state.


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