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Fidelity Blueline Mortgage, Inc. was law enforcement friendly and a real pleasure to work with when we bought our home! The staff from the President down was so friendly and informative. We weren’t sure a home of our own was possible right now, but Fidelity Blueline Mortgage helped make it possible for us. They showed us the way, and kept us up-to-date with the process. Even our real estate agent said she was impressed with their service on her end. On top of all that, we closed well before we originally anticipated which was almost more than we could hope for! We highly recommend that any FOP member consider using Fidelity Blueline Mortgage, Inc when they are buying a home!

Nate & Keitha Pettijohn
Deputy Sherriff, Platte County


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As of December 10, 2014 we would like to welcome Oklahoma to our Fidelity family. We are proud to have the chance to serve this fine state.


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